heartbeat events Mallorca

Welcome at Heartbeat events Mallorca

The name originated in an emotional moment at a wonderful wedding here in Majorca.

The guests were filled with joy, tears were streaming down their faces and one moment of bliss followed another. The bride came up to me and said

You make the hearts of all the guests beat louder and it has been an incredible time. My heart is almost jumping out with all these fabulous experiences here.

Heartbeat events Mallorca not only strives to replicate your passion and emotion but has more than 20 years of experience in event management. With more than 1000 events worldwide I can proudly affirm to be an event professional without having lost the joy of working to fulfil your dreams. I feel constantly challenged to find new ideas to surprise my clients and to give them long-lasting memories. Every new project presents its own individual challenge and is compiled creatively, strategically, with cost transparency and is transformed into an event concept.

I am looking forward to new challenges



Jacqueline Maelzer / CEO & Founder