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Heartbeat International Events

Your moment – our passion!

This is our  CREDO  and YES  we do believe that OUR work brings YOU unforgettable memories.


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The power women

of Heartbeat International Events

20 years and counting

CEO & Founder

Jacqueline Herzel Maelzer

For 25 years I have been working with international events now & more than ever I feel so grateful to share all my experience with YOU.

I am extremely delighted to share my fantastic experiences with all of my clients as a result of my colourful life in Austria, Italy, and now, for the past 12 years, on the island of Mallorca.

Do you want to be married in Florence, have a birthday party in Mallorca, or encourage your company in the winter wonderland of Austria?

Heartbeat Events International is delighted to assist you and share its extensive experience with you.

I have been part of over 1000 worldwide events and still remember every single one. This is exactly what happens with a successful outcome of YOUR event. You will never ever forget it.

It makes me happy when I see people happy. Only then my heart smiles.

Cristina Rehfeld-Moody

English / German / Spanish / French / Italian
“Born in Mexico-City, living in Germany and Luxembourg, I call this beautiful island, Mallorca, since 15 years my home. The past 30 years, I have been organizing events for and with executives of international businesses, and dignarities of governments and royal houses. It will be a great pleasure for me to bring all this experience gained to our valuable clients. I am passionate about fine cuisine and travelled extensively the world  – though there is so much more I would like to discover. Now, I am very excited to embark into a new venture together with Jacqueline and her team. We share the same values for life and work which makes a good foundation for a strong partnership and it makes my heart beat faster only imagining what we could achieve together…”
Sales & Marketing Director

Barbara Huber-Royer

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German / English /Spanish
Germany & Austria
Barbara, Jacqueline’s dear friend and long-term team member was also born in Austria.

Throughout the years, Mallorca has become her second home, and she is the most effective networker ever.

„I met Jacqueline at a party, and the chemistry was instant from the start. We both come from hardworking, Austrian families and have noticed the same mission:

To be happy & grateful in creating emotions.“

We deeply complete our skills and love to work very close to our clients and fulfill all their needs, no matter what country we are operating from.

Together, we create magic moments and wake up wonderful feelings.

„What´s better than  feeling the heart beat.“

Junior Project Manager

Fabiola Noll

German / English / Spanish
Austria and BalearIc Islands
Fabiola, born and raised in Austria, knows her way with words. She is a trained speaker and moderator, putting all her effort in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere everywhere she goes.

„I’ve been admiring Jacqueline’s ambition and work ethic, ever since I met her. She’s a huge inspiration for me. Always prioritizing the happiness of her guests, not only aiming for satisfaction but for excitement.

The amount of love and passion we put into creating each and every event is what makes HEARTBEAT so special. Being part of this team has shown me how much you can achieve when you put your whole Heart (Beat) into the things you do.”

Project Manager & Personal Assistant of the CEO

Alice Terrosi

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English / Italian / Spanish
Italy and BalearIc Islands

“HEARTBEAT is an explosion of colors, energies, and emotions. At the base of our work, there is a great passion that unites us.

Who better than a charismatic and intelligent woman like Jacqueline to achieve spectacularity in every event? Working with her is a real satisfaction. Behind each event are days, weeks and months of organization. We take care of every detail, always putting our heart in everything we do.

Positivity and love are our guidelines. I am so proud to be part of this team that has enriched my life with good vibes, smiles & I am growing more and more. Always ready to make your moments unique with a great desire to create and surprise you.


Web & Social Media Manager

Lotta Ann Olfen

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German / English /Spanish

„Jacqueline is a real power woman. This is exactly what makes her work so unique. She has the skill to get the best out of everybody in the team. Her positive character is a grant for being the best!“

With this said, I am so grateful to be part of the team. As I see every picture of every event, I feel and see how many smiles Jacqueline puts on the faces of our clients.

It is a real pleasure to re-live these moments on the digital base and I can certainly feel these emotions and the team spirit every single time.”

We listen · We research · We care · We fulfill · We evaluate · We speak all languages ·
"Whatever the mind of man can conceve and believe, it can achieve." - Napoleon Hill. "Whatever the mind of man can conceve and believe, it can achieve." - Napoleon Hill."Whatever the mind of man can conceve and believe, it can achieve." - Napoleon Hill
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