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Exceptional people, exceptional partnerships

Knit tight professional cooperation

Exceptional people, exceptional partnerships

We achieve our goals together

Close and professional cooperation with our business partners and suppliers is just as important to us as open communication with our customers. We work with great companies and people we can always rely on.

We thank you for the great cooperation, the strength and motivation that you put into our work together and for your loyalty. Together with you we were able to fulfill every wish and make every dream come true.

Therefore we are very proud to introduce you. 
To many more exciting years!
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Fosh Catering

One of our long-term companions is the catering company Fosh. Together we ensure the complete satisfaction of the guests. The food appeals to all the senses and invites you to feast. All wishes and needs are dealt with and taken into account. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers only the best.

"Working with Jacqueline and the HEARTBEAT team is always a pleasure for us. Jackie has a unique way of communicating and being creative to customize each event to the desires of each client."
Kevin Becker
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AICO Audiovisuales

AICO Audiovisuales has been operating in the field of event management and all related services since 1992. They have the most modern technological equipment and first class professional staff.

We are pleased to offer you, together with AICO, a wide range of services in the Balearic Islands.


As the owner of Aico-Audiovisuales, I can describe the collaboration with Jacqueline Maelzer as extremely professional and creative. We have had several opportunities to produce high-end events in Mallorca. Among others at Hotel Melia de Mar, Las Terrazzas, Finca Son Tugores and many more. It is always a pleasure to work with Jacqueline - we appreciate her tremendous dedication, her friendliness with our staff - she always wears a smile, even in the most difficult situations.

I wish Jacqueline much success with Heartbeat - and really from the bottom of my heart
Christian Bosch
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MM Photography

The photographer Markus Mayer has an eye for the special. With his photos he captures what words cannot describe. We are very grateful that he regularly records our events in the form of great recordings.

“Heartbeat Events” - a name that could hardly have been chosen more appropriately! An international full-service agency with a heart for every occasion. The size of the event doesn't matter: whether it's a family celebration, wedding, opening, company event or party, I see happy faces in front of my lens. Events organized by Jacqueline Maelzer are hard to beat in terms of inventiveness and flexibility! The focus here is on people. The warmth and zest for life at the events regularly make my professional work as a photographer a unique experience. It's not just a job, it's a way of life.

Thank you for the professional and friendly cooperation, dear Heartbeat Events team!"
Markus Mayer
MM Photography
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Mariella Morreale Styling

Mariella is a true beauty artist. She prepares our brides for the most beautiful day of their lives. In doing so, she caters to the individual type and emphasizes the natural beauty of each person. If you are not getting married, but still want to learn more about cosmetics or just want to be prettied up for an event, you have come to the right place. She has the knowledge of the perfect styling for any occasion. It is always a pleasure to admire her work and especially the result.

Rarely have I felt so well complemented in a collaboration as with Jacqueline. I have been in my job as a makeup artist for 21 years and it is a great pleasure to work together with such a creative mind as Jacqueline has, my highest quality. Part of my job is to always make clients look happy and beautiful. Especially with weddings there is only one goal: to style the bride perfectly. With the right organization and, guaranteed by Jacqueline, smooth running of the entire event, this is an easy task. And even if there is a lot of pressure - there will be smiles! Together we are unbeatable! Whatever you as a customer expect, it will be fulfilled. With this in mind, I look forward to more years with Jacqueline and Heartbeat Events.
Mariella Morreale
Makeup Artist

DJ Boris Cantero

He has been a professional DJ for over 20 years. He has had gigs in the best clubs like Ministry Of Sound, Nature One and many more. For eight years he was resident DJ in Ibiza. Here he could be found regularly at Pacha, Space, Privilege and El Divino.

He was also the sound manager for Puro Beach and was responsible for the CD release of Puro Beach Vol. 5&6. Currently he is the resident DJ of the Cappuccino Group. We are happy every time we can book his timeless music with high dance potential as well as his understanding and feeling for the audience.

For ten years I have had a professional collaboration with Jacqueline and Heartbeat Events. Together we have organized evenings at the highest level. I hope many more great events with happy customers will follow - only then we will be happy too.
Boris Cantero


I have been working with Jacqueline for a couple of years now and I love every bit of it. Her professionalism, dedication and attention to detail are top notch. And as an performer, I’m always thankful for the fact that she cares about her artists and communication is always fluid. It is very important for her that we all are on the same page, which is why working for Heartbeat Events Int.is so easy. Long live Heartbeat 💓 Events International
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Singer Sharon

Sharon’s voice takes us to beautiful worlds of sound, animates us to dance and sing along. A birthday serenade from her enchants every birthday party. For several years we have been able to listen to her and we are thrilled every time she takes the microphone in her hand. Dear Sharon: Thank you for blessing our ears!
I am always thrilled to work with Jacqueline and the company Heartbeat Events! Everything is always perfectly organized, down to the smallest detail. I also find that her clients are very happy and satisfied with her incredible work. Believe me, with Heartbeat Events you get more than you expect! It is a wonderful experience ❤.
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Our partner Artdeko Cktails quenches every thirst. Not only does it offer fancy cocktails that simply taste good, with its always cheerful staff it also lifts the mood at any party. The multilingual team, led by Ruben Villa, is the icing on the cake for any type of event.

In addition to their perfectly decorated bar, the bartenders dress appropriately for the event, make shows for the guests, and always have a smile on their face. For their fancy drinks, they only work with fresh products of high quality, which is very important to us. We prefer not to be invited for a drink by anyone else.
Collaborating with Heartbeats events is an honor as well as a guarantee of a high quality and elegant event. It is always a pleasure to work with Jacqueline Maelzer and her highly professional team and we look forward to supporting all your new projects in the future.
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Coco A. Achinger

Coco Achinger is a certified nutrition coach with a focus on restoring and maintaining hormonal balance. She has been based in Mallorca since 2009. Here she has built a little paradise for herself: Casa Paloma. On the magnificent property with its own pool, colorful garden, exclusive (smoothie) bar and yoga studio, she accompanies her guests on the path to relaxation. She has developed a holistic concept that combines proper nutrition with beneficial exercise and valuable conversations. We are very grateful to be able to spread her knowledge.

The intensive collaboration with Jacqueline and her company Heartbeat Events now spans several years and is characterized by a great dynamic, open communication and good teamwork. I am very happy about this partnership and look forward to all future projects to come. From the heart -
Moony Productions Multimedia Agency. 001

Moony Productions - Video Production Agency

Thanks to Moony Productions, we can enhance every event with an exceptional video production service. Characterized by an outstanding team of filmmakers and drone pilots, it blends creativity and professionalism to capture every detail of our events.

Their expertise in storytelling through memorable videos ensures that every moment is immortalized with an artistic touch, transforming it into an unforgettable visual experience to relive and share forever.

“ Working with Heartbeat Events and its leader, Jacqueline, has always been a value-add for Moony Productions. We will always remember opening our multimedia agency in Mallorca in 2015, when Jacqueline immediately trusted us; that was the beginning of everything. This partnership in producing video content for her remarkable events has propelled us into new creative realms. We are eternally grateful to Jacqueline for integrating us into her team of outstanding professionals. Undoubtedly, Heartbeat is the finest event organizing agency we've had the pleasure of collaborating with, and we're honored to contribute to its success year after year . ”
Marco Munizza
CEO & Creative Director
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