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A private party in Mallorca, Ibiza, or Formentera combines a good mood with great weather and a wide variety of locations.

There are numerous ways to do justice to the occasion of your celebration and to amaze you and your guests. We offer you wonderful moments, whether by the sea or on the mountains: Your private party can take place at lofty heights as well as on the sea.

You can party with us in hidden fincas or country houses, visit wineries, cook paella, and roar across the island in jeeps.
We design the environment according to your taste: We have the right decoration for every motto and every occasion and transport you to another world, if you want it.

Whether you want to dance all in white in Ibiza, immerse yourself in a thousand and one nights or experience a typical Spanish evening, we make it possible.

There are no limits to the possibilities and we love challenges. Let our creativity run free and trust us. You will be surprised what you can conjure up here.

Private party in


Ibiza is known for big parties with internationally known DJs. But the island, which is affectionately called the little sister of Mallorca, can do a lot more than loud beats.

Here you will find the most beautiful beach clubs with good Mediterranean cuisine, open-hearted people and lots of style.
Organizing your private party in this ambiance is something very special.

We also think of hidden houses that offer you privacy and the latest boats or catamarans, for example for a crossing to Formentera.
Private party in


Caribbean flair in Europe: In Formentera the sea is turquoise, the beach is white and clean and life is easier. Away from the crowds, you will find relaxed sounds and pure joie de vivre here.

Why not organize a boho party in this ambience? Any other topic can also be implemented here in accordance with the occasion.

Ibiza and Formentera are timeless and always something different.

And that’s exactly what makes a private party on the islands so unique.

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Your private party in Mallorca, Ibiza or Formentera

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